Why Denver Broncos’ Saturation Coverage Baffled Tom Brady and the New England Patriots


A look back at how Wade Phillips and the Denver Broncos used 8-man coverage schemes to confuse the New England Patriots and take away Tom Brady’s favourite weapons in the AFC Championship Game

The most surprising aspect of the AFC Championship Game wasn’t seeing the Denver Broncos awesome defense harass and batter Tom Brady and his New England Patriots offense. It was how the Broncos did it that really stood out.

Coordinator Wade Phillips has always been more commonly known for a willingness to push the blitz button and keep his finger firmly planted on it. But against Brady Phillips went in another direction, the complete opposite one.

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Nuts and Bolts of Romeo Crennel’s 3rd-Down Masterclass vs. Cincinnati Bengals


A look back at how Romeo Crennel’s fiendish 3rd-down defense baffled Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football in Week 10 of the 2014 NFL season.

Forget Andy Dalton’s war of words with J.J. Watt, A.J. Green’s fumble or even DeAndre Hopkins’ physics-shunning one-handed catch. Romeo Crennel is the real news you should be reading about after Week 10’s edition of Monday Night Football.

His devilish and league-leading third-down defense inspired the miserly Houston Texans to a 10-6 upset win on the road against the previously 8-0 Cincinnati Bengals. Here’s the how and why behind Crennel’s masterclass under the primetime spotlight.

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NFL Should Show More Respect for Its History


A little over a month ago, Bill Arnsparger, legendary longtime NFL defensive coordinator, passed away on July 17, aged 88. You may know it, because it went largely unreported, but Arnsparger was one of the NFL’s true pioneers.

Arsnparger was a pathfinder in league history. He pretty much created the zone blitz and introduced the pro-level game to the range of possibilities available with the 3-4 defense.

Just for a bit more meat on the bone, Arsnsparger’s career resume also included building the famed “No-Name” defense that took the Miami Dolphins to two-straight Super Bowl titles and an unbeaten season in 1972. A decade after that perfect run, Arnsparger’s “Killer B’s” took the Dolphins back to the show.

If you’re unaware of the scale of Arnsparger’s impact on today’s game, don’t beat yourself up (too much). How could you know when the league men like Arnsparger helped shape seems to have so little respect for its own history? Well, at least for the history that matters.

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