Kedric Golston is Washington Redskins’ Best NT for 2016


My article for Read American Football on why Kedric Golston can thrive at nose tackle for Washington Redskins in 2016.


Free Agents Who Can Fill the Terrance Knighton-Shaped Hole on the Washington Redskins’ D-Line


So the “Pot Roast” experiment lasted just one season at Redskins Park, after Terrance Knighton confirmed via Twitter he’ll be leaving Washington and entering free agency:

The move is something of a surprise, even if Knighton didn’t exactly do the job he was hired to do last season. Despite his massive frame and well-earned reputation as one of the NFL’s toughest run stoppers, the Redskins still ranked 26th against the rush in 2015.

Still, waving goodbye to Knighton so soon does create a rather large hole at the heart of Washington’s D-line. A 6’3″, 354-pound (at least) hole to be exact.

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Fixing the Washington Redskins’ Porous Run Defense in 2 Easy Steps


Even in the NFL’s so-called pass-first modern era, stopping the run remains the battle cry of every defensive coordinator. But it’s not something Washington Redskins DC Joe Barry saw his players do very often last season.

The Burgundy and Gold won the NFC East and made the playoffs despite a very soft run defense. One so soft it surrendered 122.6 yards, per game, 4.8 yards an attempt, 10 rushing touchdowns and 55 big rushing plays, according to

Fortunately, for Barry, there’s a quick fix. In just two easy steps Washington can fix a woeful run defense. Just two moves, one in free agency, one during the draft.

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